Monday, 10 November 2008

Kagoro Hill

This weekend was Glenn's last in Nigeria as well as Laurie's birthday so we took the opportunity to invite some VSO colleagues from neighbouring Gidanwaya and on Sunday planned a trek to visit the villages at the top of Kagoro Hill. Rather than write about it - I thought I'd let the pictures do the talking..
The start of the walk behind the Waterboard pool - please bear in mind that the route shown is the only way up and down the mountain for the fertile farming villages at the top of the hill.

The junction of paths to the two villages with Kagoro in the background. First the pleasure walkers...

And the business walkers... It amazes everyone how these women/girls transport their heavy loads of firewood, yams and all other produce, down the steep and often treacherous hill path to the Kagoro market and beyond.

Men take it a little easier

At the top of the hill - looking over the other side towards the Plateau.

The hill opened up onto a plateau of fertile farmland with all manner of crops including millet, maize, sorghum, soya bean, peppers and yams..

Plus the odd scarecrow....

Having walked through the cactus-lined fields of the first village we came across a hilltop stream where a young boy gave directions to the path to the second village and our route back to Kagoro.

And we arrived safely home having had a leisurely stop by a river for oranges and crackers

And celebrated in the evening with a 'can' apple cake (made in a tin can - the alternative to ovens) made by our friends in Gidanwaya, and of course a couple of bottles of warm Star...

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